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Front, Back And Side

Front, Back And Side

What's important in power washing?

It's something that we are interested in, because it's what we do. If you are interested, read on – we've already gone over some of the elements of how you present quality in this type of work. But today let's talk about a modular approach to power washing properties! Some of this kind of advice can be especially instructive in keeping properties up to a certain aesthetic standard. And that’s a big part of our job!

Assessing Each Area

What we’re talking about here is considering different surfaces on the property's exterior, and presenting them in a certain way for power washing.

Think of this, for example, as the “back, front and side” phenomenon.

Each side of the property has its own presentation and curb appeal. There's the back, the front, and the side.

Some companies with a pretty primitive approach just take the same approach to each of these sides. Companies working from a more sophisticated angle will assess each side separately, and come up with their own conclusions for each side’s surfaces that will determine what the eventual job looks like. It’s important not to skip this step!

Weather and Buildup

Why is this important? One primary reason is the ways that properties experience mildew or similar buildup on surfaces.

In most cases, this doesn't happen universally. It happens at a particular side of the building or property that doesn't get as much sun, or gets sun at a different time of day.

That's one reason why it pays to consider each side of a property individually and apply solutions accordingly. That means not approaching a job as a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” project, and building quality into everything that you do.

Different Materials

Many houses don't have the same legacy wood window frames or other materials in the back or sides of the building that they do on the front. This is another thing that requires some complexity in power washing, and it helps to have experience, to understand how each type of material is likely to stand up to pressure.

There's a process called ‘soft washing’ where you control the PSIs to make sure you don't damage materials. That's one best practice, and another one is to examine these materials to make sure they're in good condition before starting.

That's a little bit about what we do. Check out the services that we can provide for your property, to give it new life, and help you to maintain your investment in real estate.

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