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How To Keep Your Patio In Like New Condition

Patios are beautiful and functional additions to homes, providing outdoor spaces for gathering, entertaining, and relaxing. However, a new patio doesn't stay clean for long due to its exposure to outdoor elements of dirt, pollen, rain, wind, bugs, and natural debris. Keeping your patio clean is an ongoing process that is essential to its longevity. Patios that fall victim to mounting grime and dirt over time become unsightly and in disrepair. To keep your patio fresh and functional, you will need to follow a cleaning schedule that keeps it in like-new condition.

Keep Weeds At Bay

Weeds love to grow around patios, causing them to look a mess and potentially become damaged over time. If your patio is constructed of stone pavers, weeds can burrow through the grout between the stones and eventually cause them to loosen. Raised decks and patios suffer from weed growth underneath them, attracting critters that make unsightly messes. To keep weeds away from your patio, treat them with herbicide and maintain the area with regular trimming.

Pressure Wash Patios Seasonally

Professional pressure washing companies recommend cleaning patios and outdoor gathering spaces seasonally to keep molds, fungus, and grime from taking over. Each season poses threats to patio surfaces such as rain, snow, pollen, and harsh UV rays. These conditions create grime and molds that will eventually stain and degrade your patio's materials if left for too long. Pressure washing your patios three or four times a year will keep them sparkling clean and in like-new condition.

Repair Loose Patio Materials

Aside from keeping your patio clean, power washing it seasonally allows you to notice any loosened or worn-out materials that need to be fixed. Once your deck is thoroughly cleaned, you can inspect it for any issues. Filling grout, replacing rotting boards, and tightening loosened materials quickly will help you minimize the chances of making more significant repairs to your patio down the road.

Seal Your Patio As Directed

To keep your patio in good condition, follow the manufacturer's directions on sealing its materials. Depending on the materials used in your patio's design, you may need to apply sealer annually or every other year. Even concrete will need to be resealed to keep it from cracking and eroding. Make sure you use the appropriate products and follow the directions and recommendations of the product manufacturer.

Fresh Patios Provide Years Of Enjoyment

Patios are excellent additions to homes, providing outdoor spaces that enhance homeowners' lifestyles. Be sure to keep your patio clean and fresh to ensure you will have years of enjoyment of your area.

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