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Paths, Deck Work, And Furniture

Paths, Deck Work, And Furniture

Power washing is a versatile service. We help property owners all over the Lebanon, Tennessee area to keep their properties in great condition visually, and to preserve the materials used to build their homes.

Here are three big aspects of how a comprehensive power washing project can improve your property.


It's amazing how quickly a neat and clean concrete or asphalt surface can accumulate dirt and grime.

Over a series of years, your bright, clean concrete turns a dingy grayish black, kind of like the interior of a chimney. Your painted wood flooring accumulates a scrim of dust and pollen and other contamination, and starts looking pretty shabby. Cobwebs and other kinds of stuff appear on your exterior soffit, or porch or veranda ceiling.

What does it take to banish these monsters for good?

A periodic power washing scours all of this pollution from the surface, and make your property look new again, even if your home is 100 years old.

Deck and Patio Work

Here's where power washing helps to promote better maintenance of underlying infrastructure.

A deck is also very vulnerable to wear and decay over time.

Left to its own devices, you'll start to see discoloration and the deterioration of wood. You'll start to see pieces come apart and dislodge. That nice, new deck that was a study in clean angles and conformity becomes a decrepit mess.

Two easy things can restore your deck to its former glory – power washing (and staining, sealing or painting) to get the surface looking good, and some fasteners and minor carpentry work to get stray parts back in place. These two simple things make a world of difference in how your property looks to visitors!


Many of us have hardwood furniture outside. Picnic tables and benches are an excellent example. Others have wicker chairs and loveseats that also experience wear on a routine basis, and start looking old, dirty, and in some cases, rather gross.

The best way to get this stuff looking new again is to power wash and paint or spray. Sound familiar?

Our teams can do all three of these things, and you'll get a comprehensive makeover for your property. It doesn't have to be that hard to get your home looking great again after time has done its dirty work. In many ways, it only takes one phone call! Get help from a firm with decades of experience around the greater Nashville area.

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