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Soft-Washing: What’s Up With That?

Soft-Washing: What’s Up With That?

The world of home improvement can be a fun place. Just by reading this, it's hard to tell whether we’re being sarcastic or not – and really, you can take it either way. It can be fun to dress up and decorate a property and keep it in good condition. It can also be a hassle or a nightmare. That’s just how it is.

We help with active home improvement services that are vastly effective in increasing your property’s curb appeal and, by proxy, its value. With this kind of common sense service, you get more out of what you own!

So let's talk about that today, with an emphasis on neat, clean exteriors and the techniques that make your property all it can be. We won’t be pedantic about it – that never serves anybody well – but just practical. Sometimes it’s good to get an extra set of eyes on your property because you’ve gotten too used to the status quo – and the status quo might really look pretty shabby, to tell the truth.

Power Washing and Prestige

Things just look better when they're clean. That's the basic philosophy behind using power washing to refurbish anything from lawn furniture to a front porch or a deck or paved patio. Whether it's wood, concrete, brick, stone or any of a number of other materials, power washing makes these dingy surfaces look new again.

As one of our customers used to say – it's surprising how quickly an asset can turn into a liability. When you have a property that looks nice, it's the envy of every visitor. When you have a property that looks bad, it's just sad. So hit it with a power wash, and you’ll see the vibrant difference!

Power Washing and Soft Washing

So why do you need soft washing service? What is that?

Well, as firms come in and power wash, sometimes the pressure is too high, and the impact is too great. You can have things like flashings or mortar joints or other elements come loose because of the water pressure. Sometimes the power wash will strip paint. Not good!

So over time, the best firms researched this and figured out what optimal pressure is for each type of surface and property system. That allows these companies to come in and clean everything effectively without destroying any part of your property in the process.

For more, call us to come and clean your stuff. We soft wash when necessary, so you get the clean without the breakage!

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