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The Issue With Residental Exterior Mold And Fungus

Let’s face it, owning a home means committing to the upkeep and maintenance of your investment. A home’s exterior can often fall into disrepair as schedules become busy and time is spent just trying to keep the interior in order. It doesn’t take long for the growth of molds and fungus to appear on roofing, siding, and other exterior structures of our homes, leaving us to determine the best way to rid our homes of these unsightly and potentially destructive organisms.

Mold And Fungus Grow Quickly

Especially in humid and warm climates, mold and fungi proliferate. A home’s exterior is a perfect breeding ground for these organisms as spores thrive in damp areas. Preventing the growth of mold and fungi on your home’s exterior may be nearly impossible, but there are things you can do to protect your home from damage and health risks that can occur with the overgrowth of such organisms.

Why Exterior Mold Is An Issue

What grows on the outside of your home can easily find its way inside your home. Molds can quickly develop in a house’s attic and basement areas if allowed to flourish on its roofing, siding, and foundation. While outside mold may not carry as many health risks as indoor molds, it can create allergic and asthmatic responses if concentrated in spaces you breathe.

Mold and fungus can also damage the structure of your home, causing the wood to rot, which increases the possibility of future water damage and costly repairs. Not only will these organisms damage your property if left unchecked, but they also produce an unsightly and unkempt appearance that decreases your curb appeal and property value.

Preventing Growth Of Mold On Your Home’s Exterior

There are some simple actions you can take to prevent mold growth in your home. Rain gutters should be kept free of debris and in good working order so that they can direct water away from your home. Also, make sure your roofing stays free from debris and leaves and that you keep it in good shape.

You can use mold-resistant paints to help stave off the growth of mold on the wooden areas of your home, and consider using building materials that are less susceptible to mildew, such as brick and stone, where possible.

Removing Molds And Fungi From Your Home’s Exterior

To remove existing mold and fungi from your home’s exterior, and prevent possible future regrowth, have your home professionally pressure washed annually. With special tools and cleaning solutions, professional pressure washing technicians can safely remove the growths and help to keep growth at bay.

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