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When Should You Power Wash Your Home

Even the newest and shiniest homes quickly collect dirt, dust, and grime as the exterior of your house is battered by the elements. It can be disappointing to see your newly purchased home lose its curb appeal in just a couple of years. While the inside of a house is easy enough to clean, the outside is not nearly so simple to simply scrub down with a sponge.

Fortunately, we here at Precision Pro Wash can help to restore the original look of your property by power washing the exterior. The process of power washing, however, should not be done too often, or too rarely. Power washing too often can actually result in legitimate damage to your external paint and other fixtures, whereas washing too little results in a dirty looking home.

Power washing your home when appropriate can have a variety of benefits for your house, however. Here are three tips for knowing when you should power wash your home.

After Severe Inclement Weather

One of the best times to power wash your home is after severe inclement weather, like a hurricane, thunderstorm, or tornado. These natural events can create gale-force winds that hurl dirt and debris against the sides of your house, staining your walls and windows, as well as the surrounding yard and fencing.

Not only that, severe weather can damage the exterior of your house but leave the damage concealed by grime. Once severe weather dissipates, it’s a smart idea to have your house power washed in order to remove the excess dirt and debris no doubt stuck to the side of your house, as well as to get a clearer look for any damage that may have occurred during the bad weather event.

Preparing for a New Paint Job

Another prime time to power wash your home is when you’re getting ready to repaint the exterior. Power washing will remove any old or peeling paint so that a new coat of paint will adhere better to the surface of the outside of your house. Not only that, but power washing will also remove the inevitable bits of dirt, sand, and even bugs that end up embedded or stained into the sides of your house, allowing an easier and better-looking renewed paint job down the line.

You can also have your fencing or deck power washed if you’re planning on restoring the wood. There are many reasons to repaint your house exterior, including increasing the value of the property, or just so your home looks a lot nicer.

Maintaining Your Home

Aside from extraordinary circumstances, power washing your house can also just be a part of the routine maintenance of the building. Most experts recommend that you limit power washing to once every six to twelve months, to prevent excessive stress and potentially damage to the exterior of your home.

Power washing your house regularly can prevent the growth of mold and mildew, as well as keep your home looking as fresh and lovely as the day it was built. Appropriately maintaining your home can also keep the property value up for when it’s time to sell, and reduce the hassle of having to clean the external walls of the house after years of grime build-up.

Is your home overdue for a good power or soft washing? We here at Precision Pro Wash are ready to help! To schedule a consultation with our team of power washing experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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